Ummm… Hi?

It’s October. 
School routines are well established and everyone is grooving along.  Interims were great!   We are humming along.  I haven’t had much to write about it would seem – for a while.  Or maybe I do but finding the time to collect the thoughts and type them in is the issue…
I started guitar lessons – which have been on the “list” forever!  I am terrible but having fun!
We had a fantastic summer – so many memories!  Canada, Beach… easy days and mellow nights. 

New Garage doors (and lots of repaired siding)

BIG hair chop back in June.  It’s mostly grown in again…

Front page when Chicago beat Boston.  🙂



My niece!

Ken’s side (a few missing)

Favourite pic from the summer.  The kids had no idea this water was not yet 70 degrees!!!!  It was awesome. 

Cousins!  (my side…)

Friends!  Captain style!

Matt got used to the freezing water… 

Birthday present realized… Jays game, jersey and Independence Day rolled into one.
We are starting a new house project in 2 weeks – THAT I will blog about!  🙂


Wordless Wednesday – Rollins Beach Edition

And Just Like That…

… another summer is over.

I think that this was the best one yet for them.  Sleeping in, great sitters during the day, mellow and relaxing times at the pool or bike riding.  I really think they enjoyed the chance to totally check out.

Yesterday morning was as you would suspect – crazy.  Last minute scrambling for supplies and making lunches (thank goodness we did because the lunch lines at school were crazy – and the food is disgustingly un-healthy!!).  The pressures this year on the kids are more than ever with school and soccer combining for busier, longer and more intense days.  Matthew likes most of his teachers just fine.  Ainsley has a wonderful teacher this year for Grade 4 and it promises to be a great fit.  I think she is secretly loving being the “only” Bulmer at MEMS this year – she’s out from his shadow a bit and that’s a Good Thing.

We will support them as they figure out the new normal… push them up when they need it and watch them handle it when they are able.

As my friend Karen tells me – the days are long but the years are short.  Matthew is teetering on half way through his school years now – 7 years and we’ll be moving him into a college dorm, not packing his lunch for middle school.

It really – really – goes by too fast.

Grade 6 and Grade 4 – 2012

Random Middle of July Stuff

Summer is fly-ing.  Holy kermoley – 6 weeks and we’re back in school.

It’s been a great time so far though!  The kids are enjoying the new schedule with sitters.  We are loving the more relaxed pace of life these weeks bring.  Everyone is healthy and happy.

So – we got MTB a cell phone. Seemed (possibly…) appropriate for middle school, and there was a good deal on the 4th for this phone.  (66% off).  We are using Kajeet for anyone keeping track of WTF to do for their own kids as they get closer to this responsibility – Ken and I don’t have personal phones, only work ones – so we don’t have a family plan to add a kid onto.  Kajeet was the best overall fit.  Highest priority was unlimited texting.

These are the types of conversations I get to have with my eldest.  BOOM.  Phone + unlimited texting = WIN.
For the record, the salad was pretty good.
This?  It’s a transfer request.  Updates to follow with any luck…Earlier reasons meaning proximate choice assignments are bu-bye and the whole thing will change again next year, so I don’t need to move my kid until they figure out what they are possibly, actually doing.
These two?  ADORABLE!!  When they hung out a couple years ago, they weren’t fans of each other (which was completely developmentally appropriate!) but this weekend was a blast!!
These four?  AWESOME!  I mean look at those faces??!  They have such good fun together!!
Waiting for Railhawks game to start on Saturday night… This child o’ mine – I sometimes just do not have words for the joy she completely wraps us up in.  This is her at exactly 3.5 years old… Saturday was her half birthday.  She talks non stop, has a memory like an elephant, counts to 100 (backwards from 10 even!) and knows no bounds to her energy.  She is a do-er.  She is a go-er.  She is amazing.  I love my kids so much.
These strong, beautiful, intelligent and compassionate girls played at half time on Saturday night and LOVED every second of being on that pitch!  They did great!  It was fun to watch, and we managed to escape just before the crazy storms hit our area!
Yup.  That sky is for REAL.  NO FILTER.  We literally ran out of there as fast as we could as soon as the girls were finished.
So the smiles – they are a sign, right?  I mean – they are real.  They are joyful.  I am in one of those places of doubting myself, my parenting, just about everything – when I see the pictures and the smiles – it’s a reminder that something is right.  Kids don’t smile like that unless they are happy, loved, and secure.  
Today that helps.

Monday Morning Catch up – It’s Summer!

Guys look!  I can still write! 

Sometimes! 🙂

So many pics to post – not really one thing to talk about but just generally – summer is great!  The kids are loving being at home rather than in camp.  They ended school on June 7th and both had terrific years.  MTB starts Grade 6 in August – Unreal! 

We are looking forward to a couple soccer tournaments coming up, the beach, the kids going to Canada and then Team Rollins arrives for 10 days of Southern Summer 2012 Beach and Wine Fest!

These are from a couple of Sunday’s ago – Wake Forest does this series of 6 Sundays in Spring up at Joyner Park – music, food and tons of fun!  This was the first time we had attended and we will definitely go back next year!  Free cotton candy!

 Took these three clowns to the Railhawks – Chivas game earlier in June and had a ball.  🙂

You can sure tell these boys treat their athletic bodies as shrines… NOT.

 Presidents Academic Award – and National Fitness too.  He really had a great elementary school career!

 These four.  Good Lord… these 4 amigos have been together almost as long as they have been alive!  They are best friends in and out of school – this was our 2nd Pullen meet up and a great time had by all!
Who would rather talk to the camera than watch the boats??

Daniel refused to sit at the back of the boat!  So we had to go again!  Oh well… kids didn’t mind that at all!

So the train is loud, and a little old – the first time we went to Pullen half the kids didn’t want to ride it!  Everyone went willingly on Saturday – WIN!  Myles is a bit leery here but it all worked out ok!!!

Hanging out after dinner last night.  Cannot, cannot believe how grown up this one is getting.  Really – need the world to spin backwards for a time to slow it all down…

Learning (Slowly…) to have Fun at Home…

It’s just been so hot.  Too hot to even schlep up to the pool. 

This is how we spent last Sunday afternoon…

Can you see we are a little slip and slide obsessed this summer??