Last weekend was the most perfect February Sunday Weather we have had in a long time.  Somebody else’s disorganization (that I won’t go into here) resulted in my kid and another (few…) being left out of some fun – so we made our OWN fun.  (Am I still a bit bitter?  Yes.)
This is Amelia riding up our street.  She wants so badly to go with only two wheels – but still freaks out when she hears a car coming and heads for the ditch – so I don’t think we are anywhere close to her being actually ready for total control.

Cute though, eh??

Amelia and P adore each other.  This kid can RIDE.  He’s going to be a future cyclist!

It was a lot for them to get up this hill but they did it!



These Days…

I am not doing a very good job of posting here.  More of the I don’t know what to say while I am sitting here in front of the screen!

Work is insane busy.  All the stuff I have been working on since last June is at implementation phase now so it’s hand holding and phone answering chaos.  Good though!

Kids are great – soccer, school, Amelia started swimming.  Ainsley is starting guitar lessons as soon as I get a few minutes to call and set up her first lesson.  We decided to head to Florida for a week next month and I am anxious for that.  Booked our beach house for July… Canada in June… lots to look forward to.

Running has been very intermittent and inconsistent.  I need it to get warm out so I can RIDE MY BIKE!

Some low key projects going on at home – painting, one last ceiling to scrape and then maybe update the kids bathroom.  We need a new mattress set so bad – I am a cripple in the mornings so we have to solve this issue soon.  Problem is we’re at opposite ends of the spectrum on what we like/need in terms of comfort – I know, I know you are going to say “Get a Sleep Number Bed!” but I’ve honestly only heard horror stories about mold in the baffles which freaks me OUT so we can’t go there.  We’ll hopefully get out this weekend to see what’s on the market that is reasonable in terms of price but also comfortable!

We had Amelia’s birthday a couple of weeks ago – Dad and Lorraine came up from Florida for 5 days to help celebrate which was terrific fun.

I do find that the starting of a new year, any year – seems to bring with it lots of reflection and pondering on where we are in life, what we’ve done, the direction we are headed.  Sort of a “take stock” kind of time.  Checking in with ourselves… For me it seems to quiet my mind a bit which I like.  There have been ups and downs these first 6 weeks of 2013 – some very unexpected illnesses in great friends and friends of great friends – crazy situations out of NOWHERE.  Things like this make me sad and anxious – and also very grateful for the “mundane” or day in day out routine that sometimes I whine about wanting to get out of.  I guess the saying of be careful what you wish for could never be truer.

We are anxious to hear news of MTB’s recent CAP RAST #’s – will post those when we get word!

Best Buds

We hung out at Pullen Park last weekend with some BH friends…

Somebody stole a kiss…

Growing together…

Back in early 2008 when I was still dealing with all the bullshit in my head about wanting a baby but it NOT happening – people I met online who turned into some of my very bestest friends bought this itty bitty lilac tree for my birthday. 
One of them, or all of them – somehow remembered a passing conversation about that being my favourite tree and that we had them at my dad’s house when I was a little kid growing up.  The flowers are beautiful and the smell takes me back to building forts with my brother in that stupid tree and all the crazy things we did as kids.
Well that baby did finally find us. 
And this tree reminds me every day that there are people that never lost faith for me that it would happen. 
And having people like that is what makes life so freaking awesome.

Happy 3rd Birthday Amelia

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine… You make me happy, when skies are grey
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you… Please don’t take my sunshine away…

Amelia – Three.  Holy.

It’s been an amazing year.  You are the sweetest, charismatic and most charming little girl – I know I am biased but you truly are.  Your facial expressions and ability to articulate exactly how you are feeling or thinking never cease to amaze us. 

You love books and love to read.  You love art.  You are a dancer.  You love to throw your arms wide and run, pretending to fly like a bird.
You are awesome.
Your sister and brother love you, even when you make them a little bit crazy at times.  You are full of questions and they don’t always have answers for you.  You are teaching them to be patient and kind and creative! 
Outside is one of your favourite places, and you love the playground.  Ainsley teaches you to slide…
…And Mattie teaches you to climb!
Amelia you are a delight to all of us – and every day that passes is new and amazing and we are so blessed to have the privilege of watching you grow into the little person that you are.
Love Mama

Potty Training…

Like almost a year ago, out of nowhere, Amelia asked to use the potty and I WAS SO HAPPY!  WOOT WOOT THIS IS GOING TO BE SO EFFING EASY HAPPY!

Reality check.  Not so much. 

She goes, she doesn’t go.  She loves it for a few days, then hates it and refuses.  It’s been total bullshit and made me MORE than a little crazy.   I mean just use the toilet!  WTF! 

3 weeks ago she started going pretty hard core pees all the time.  I think the trick was to say nothing – we didn’t ask her to go, we didn’t ask her if she had to go.  We just pretty much stripped her down starkers when her hiney walked through the door at night and she’d sit on the potty whenever she felt like it. She was in control.  (Surprised??)  Stickers, skittles and the occasional surprise toy were the treats and it really worked with her.  She’s dry most nights all night now too – but I’m still putting the pull up on over her panties just in case.  She’s been doing great at school.

Poops are still inconsistent – she’s doing it great at home, but not at preschool.  Hoping that one more weekend of walking around naked will get her to the point of feeling like it’s ok to ask/tell when she needs to go, and that will carry over to her teachers. 

Honestly the potty training is about the worst part of child rearing in my book.  I can take it and run – all the rest – but the diapers just put me over the edge at this age.  I will be so, so glad to be done with it.

Wordless Wednesday…Double Ear Infection But You Would Never Know She Is Sick Edition


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