March 18, 2014…

Matthew had one of his every-4-month checkups at UNC yesterday for the peanuts and we were finally given a date for open challenge.

This is both insane and awesome at the same time.  Insane because this kid that was (is?) so allergic to peanuts from a teeny tiny age is now going to have to eat peanuts in a controlled environment while I watch.  Awesome because this kid that was (is?) allergic to peanuts from a teeny tiny age is now going to have to eat peanuts in a controlled environment while I watch!

He started the peanut desensitization in March of 2009 and I remember that day so clearly because we were at Duke (the study moved hospitals part way though) and I had 2 month old Amelia with me who was still at the refusing to nurse/sleep/do anything but lay on me point in her existence.  I was beyond exhausted and stressed but there was NO WAY we could say no to this opportunity to potentially rid Matthew of this stupid ass allergy he was diagnosed with.  We rolled in and they hooked him up to IV’s and monitors to watch and see what happened while they very gradually introduced 1/3000th (approx.) of a peanut to his system.

Nearly 4 years later, he eats 4000mg (about 13 peanuts) daily in a milkshake (that he hates) and has no problem with it in terms of allergic reaction.  We don’t worry about cross contamination or decontamination or any of that these days – it’s both liberating and freaky when we’ve come off years of having to be so, so careful.  It took over a year to get him up to the 4000mg dose level, and he’s been there ever since.  His CAPRast numbers shot up after the first 6 months (which is expected) and have gradually been coming down ever since.  Yesterday’s blood draw results should be ready in a few weeks, so we will see where he is at.  I am hoping for 30’s!  (at his maximum he was almost 1400!)

March 18th will be an interesting day – one we have longed for!  After the challenge he has NO DOSES for 30 days – and then we go back again for another challenge and see what happens.

I can see the light at the end of this – and it’s a beautiful sight!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ann
    Oct 30, 2013 @ 13:43:20

    No doses! WOW!! Can’t wait for the March 19 and April 19 updates!! Why the change to WordPress?

  2. jsbinnc
    Oct 30, 2013 @ 13:47:45

    I am hoping the new interface will inspire me to write more!! 🙂

  3. Laura Case
    Oct 31, 2013 @ 22:48:35

    Also can not wait for the updates!
    (Yes killing time while handing out candy to catch up on all things neglected this week. Dinner after Jon is back from Vegas next week!)

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