Ummm… Hi?

It’s October. 
School routines are well established and everyone is grooving along.  Interims were great!   We are humming along.  I haven’t had much to write about it would seem – for a while.  Or maybe I do but finding the time to collect the thoughts and type them in is the issue…
I started guitar lessons – which have been on the “list” forever!  I am terrible but having fun!
We had a fantastic summer – so many memories!  Canada, Beach… easy days and mellow nights. 

New Garage doors (and lots of repaired siding)

BIG hair chop back in June.  It’s mostly grown in again…

Front page when Chicago beat Boston.  🙂



My niece!

Ken’s side (a few missing)

Favourite pic from the summer.  The kids had no idea this water was not yet 70 degrees!!!!  It was awesome. 

Cousins!  (my side…)

Friends!  Captain style!

Matt got used to the freezing water… 

Birthday present realized… Jays game, jersey and Independence Day rolled into one.
We are starting a new house project in 2 weeks – THAT I will blog about!  🙂


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