More Peanut Updates

Matthew had his 3rd “4 month” checkup at Duke on Monday. He had skin testing, and they took more blood – we likely won’t get those cap RAST numbers until January. They tend to batch run those tests, so there is often a wait for “the number”.

Anyway – skin testing… so this looks pretty crazy, right? Some of it is. The IMPORTANT thing to know is that the top row is peanut – and THOSE ARE GETTING REALLY SMALL!!! YAY! Pam and Jan opted to do a bunch of environmental allergen tests too this week – to see if we can get to the bottom of the severe, random reactions we’ve seen in Matthew over the last few months. We knew that they were not peanut – so the question then was – WHAT was sending him off?




Oh MY! Look at those hives and wheals! The mack daddy big one in the 2nd row from the bottom is GRASS. (Which sure explains this massive reaction back in April – he had just come in from playing outside while Ken was cutting the grass!)

The top row left to right is most concentrated to least concentrated peanut protein. Interesting that the 2nd (more dilute) is bigger than the most concentrated? The rest of them are considered negative since you have to subtract the saline control reaction from their size – saline is bigger, so those are negative now. PROGRESS!

His CAP RAST numbers have gone from around 866 (start) to 1206 (expected jump up) down to 540 (one year into program) then 524 (4 months on 4000mg) this past July – so the last drop wasn’t very much. Keep your fingers crossed for us that it’s a little more dramatic this time!!


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  1. houseofestrogen
    Nov 18, 2010 @ 17:48:27

    Those peanut wheals look great! I'm about 90% sure Nina is allergic to grass too. She has had some awful reactions.

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